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COVID-19: Either Protect Yourself or Perish.

Written by on June 11, 2021

In Uganda we are living in days in which COVID19 has gained more momentum and thus publicity, not only from the government and international media, at this moment at least every Ugandan has a family member who has ever contracted the disease, a friend, an old student or a friend of a friend, and others have actually succumbed to the pandemic, personally, I have a brother who has ever contracted the disease and I know of a friend who spent over ten days in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), at this stage, a good number of Ugandans at least can testify that COVID19 is not a myth or government project to swindle donations from the public as many alleged during the first wave.

A lot has been said over and over again regarding how Ugandans and the world at large can overcome the COVID19 pandemic, the social distancing, wearing of the mask, washing hands with soap and sanitizer, but it seems the pandemic has overpowered the measures may be due to poor implementation or reluctance by the public, am not going to explain how the above measures can be best implemented because I know there are a lot of loopholes, but I will interest you on the above to include the following, basing on your ability in all walks of life.

Unlike the first wave of the pandemic, the second wave victim may not have any symptom and all of the sadden ends in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and beyond, symptoms also range from one individual to another, they are not uniform, some people have flu and cough, there is a difference between normal flu and covid19 mucus, it may start like normal flu and keep changing until it is hard for you to breath, some have neither but headache, dizziness, body
pain, body fatigue, constipation or all combined, this implies that, all Ugandans should not wait to see any symptom to think about testing, the remedy or even be admitted. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

At home, while taking our local tea (black tea), you can pound ginger, squeeze lemon, mint or orange and add it on tea as you inhale that steam before taking, you can even chew the ginger and lemon plus garlic, ginger provides the body with extreme heat, and the virus cannot survive the heat and other hot conditions, endeavor to eat food promptly as the ingredients boost the body immunity at the high rate and to avoid other effects like ulcers and blood pressure so feed the body while using them.

Avoid cold drinks, cold food, environment, indoor AC, sweet beverages, sugar, and so on, take four liters of warm water every day. If you can provide yourself with vitamin C, please go ahead to use it before even you fall victim, dissolve it in water and take twice every day, it boosts the immunity to battle the virus if it dares the body, but dehydrates the body, so taking a lot of water (warm) to improves the efficiency of vitamin C. Remember COVID19 has no cure, even if you vaccinated, it is not a guarantee. If you have a chance, fitness exercises like running, other
physicals are good until the body heats up, as I noted above the virus is strong in cold, so when the body is cold it simply prospers via affecting the body.

Steaming inhaling with lemon, mint in addition to ginger before you take them, lightens the mucus to get out before it blocks your lungs and makes it difficult to breathe, hot water is good for your throat if it has the virus, but at times COVID19 virus is hidden behind the paranasal sinus of the nose for 3 to 4 days and hot water doesn’t reach there, then after 4 days the virus that had hidden behind the paranasal sinus slopes down to the lungs which triggers
breathing issues, so it’s very important to take steam, which reaches the back of the paranasal sinus.

At 50 degrees the coronavirus becomes disabled, paralyzed, at 60 degrees the virus becomes weak that anybody immune system can fight it, at 70 degrees the virus dies completely, that is what steam does according to Dr. N.N. Kannappan Madurai, adds that, whoever stays home should take inhalation once a day, if one goes to market to buy home necessities, should take it twice a day. Anyone who has to step out to work should take steam inhalation thrice day.

According to doctors, COVID19 can be killed by steam inhalation from nose, mouth, eliminating the coronavirus, it looks like if we start a steam inhalation campaign, the pandemic might be over soon. Dr. N. N. Kannappan suggests that, the public should start the process of steam inhalation every day morning and evening, for 5 minutes each time, and after a week the virus might be overpowered, the practice has no side effects and doesn’t cost anything either.
When you test positive, don’t stress about it and avoid depression because it leads to poor body performance, and follow other guidance from health experts.

Spread this information with your loved ones, relatives, friends, and neighbors, so that together we can kill the virus and make the world safe for living once again, free from COVID19.

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