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Continue Taking Me For Joker As I Make Money. – Kapa Cat

Written by on May 27, 2021

The ‘Nonsense’ singer, Kapa Cat has come up to defend herself and give sense to anyone and everyone that takes her for a comedian or being much playful. While on 97.7 Record FM recently, She made known the fact that what we see is her realness.
“If I intended to be funny or comic, you would be noticing a number of mistakes and flaws in the things I do but I just jump on the vibe I find right then. Even when I find silent people, I try to fit in that environment and move in their pace. Usually, when I get to any place I am vibed up. So the continuity of the atmosphere gives me what to do next. I am not a phone addict but when I see everyone serious on their phones, I do the same. People will take me for being unserious as I make money,” she said.
She further added that, “I make sure I am me always. I don’t know how to fake. If my work was not serious, then it wouldn’t be a success. I am literally selling reality. I am this whether you meet me as Kapa or Cathy. If I feel I wanna play in my videos, I do so. I intend to entertain and teach realness.”
Wondering why if she claims to teach realness, did she change her name from Catherine to Cathy and now to Kapa.
She said that, “Actually, Kapa comes from Cathy because when you cut Cathy short, you get cat which in Luganda is Kapa. This is business and there is a lot of competition. I was looking for something that would sell faster. There are so many people by the name Cathy an example of Catherine Kusasira. If we all are selling headphones, how can I be better than you are because I also want to make profit. I see Kapa sells out more than Cathy and that’s why I took it up.”

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