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The Nigerian government has suspended passports of more than 2,000 Nigerians indicted for violating Covid-prevention protocols after returning from abroad. Dr Mukhtar Mohammed, who sits on the president’s Covid committee, said that the passports would remain suspended for a year according to a BBC report. As the country anticipates a third wave of infections, Nigeria […]

Today we crush on renowned media personality, Flavia Tumusiime, ‘A heroine to many’ because of her life story, progression and how she has managed to remain relevant against all odds. Flavia Tumusiime has not only built her name on media grounds but also as an actress, voice-over artist, emcee and author of 30 Days of […]

What reasons fight to explain the changing artistic content day after day? Undoubtedly, some of these are generational influences, the internet, gimmickry, the need to make a killing and many more reasons. Back in the day, a generation and more ago; artistry content had a clearer direction than it is presently. What content was put […]

The quest for political change in Uganda has been on for quite a long period of time, but my focus will be on the recent political activities during and aftermath of the 2021 general elections, we can’t deny the fact their good number of Ugandans who would love to see a change in the country’s […]

The world changes every other sunrise and this whole criterion seems more irreversible everyday than anyone can imagine. Especially socially, how behavior is being bent by the environments all around us. When it comes to the music industry, this change never only promoted high quality audio and videos only, but also brushed down the decency […]

The ‘Sharpshooter’ singer, Chozen Blood has severally in the past been rumoured to be an item with fellow singer Winnie Nwagi and perhaps, the truth of the matter never reveals itself leaving most of the social media in-laws parallel to the truth. However, these have given all signs that would portray reality in what most […]

A few days ago Kenya’s Agriculture and Food Authority announced a ban on the importation of maize from Uganda citing high levels of mycotoxins that are beyond safety limits.In a letter dated 5th March 2021 addressed to Pamela Ahago, the Commissioner of Customs Kenya Revenue Authority, the Acting Director-General of Kenya’s Agriculture and Food Authority […]

By Derrick Asaba Musicians have over the years recorded songs some of which play for days, months, years and others, for generations. The explanation to this phenomenon is merely a union of a number of elements that characterise the inception of the song. A bet is, some just walk in the recording studio for the […]