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The world changes every other sunrise and this whole criterion seems more irreversible everyday than anyone can imagine. Especially socially, how behavior is being bent by the environments all around us. When it comes to the music industry, this change never only promoted high quality audio and videos only, but also brushed down the decency […]

Following a video clip of veteran playwright Alex Mukulu throwing rough words at the Real Dance Crew boys widely known as, ‘Muwunya’ in the Yolesa Ekitone talent search, Bruno K guaranteed to hook them out and offer his help. Mukulu bashed the boys telling them of how bad their body odour was, that could not […]

Success brings great ideas and this is exactly what it has birthed in Kenzo’s wits. The ‘Tweyagale’ hitmaker, Eddy Kenzo, is moving forward to share the fire on his candle by mentoring the youths in a number of aspects. Kenzo revealed this intention recently while in an interview with 97.7 Record FM saying that bottomed […]

Strong are those that are bashed and keep their heads high. That no matter what heaviness such bashings carry, they are not moved but rather maintain their focus and use these experiences as enticements to take more steps on their ladders. Born John Kasadha alias John Blaq, he falls in such a category of people. […]

Legendary DJ Shiru has dropped a video of his song dubbed ‘Inama’ featuring Mbarara-based fresh rapper, Rasta Dog. The visuals of this thrilling jam were produced by Titus Tizie of Volts Films and shot in Kizungu, Mbarara. The video was dropped earlier this week as a child of the ‘We Can Part 2’ album. Other […]

Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K became close friends to NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ host and news anchor, Faridah Nakazibwe after word on the streets had it that the two were involved in an intimate relationship. The rumour spread fast like thunder which led to a series of events between the both of them. Bruno first denied, […]

Kikomando hit-maker Victor Ruz has scored himself his first ambassadorial deal amid the lockdown that seems not to be ending soon especially for artists. “This is a special reward for me, my hard work is finally paying off. All the thanks goes back to God” – He told us. Victor could not hold it as […]

By Derrick Asaba ‘Is it rightful to cheat while in a relationship?’ If this question was posed to anyone, perhaps they could answer it in a roundabout manner differently from Chris Banina of ‘The Banina’ duo group whose answer would straightforwardly be, ‘YES’. While responding to a set of heated questions on 97.7 Record FM […]

Modelling as an industry is one that is thought of as glamorous and all the fancy things. Yes, that’s true. However, living such a kind of life demands a lot, to hit the triumphant spot too. This means that an individual has to endure a number of things to sustain a celebrity life more so, […]

The Constitutional Court has issued a permanent injunction restraining the Uganda National Examinations Board from conducting examinations on any day coinciding with any of the relevant Muslim religious holidays like Idd Adhua or Idd El Fitr in future. According to the Judgement of five Constitutional Court Justices led by Fredrick Egonda Ntende, if UNEB makes […]