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Imagine being a student with a personal assistant who can do research for you, prepare notes and even remind you of your to-do coursework. Well, it has been made digitally possible. Some innovative young Ugandans have come up with the Academic Personal Assistant (AIDA) platform which helps students to get all the required information from […]

Gloria Okwakunda is a very happy and contented woman. She is happy because of her reliable companion. “My companion is PayLater. Ever since I joined this amazing service, my life has been smooth,” she says with a smile. PayLater is an online hire purchase platform where people acquire products or travel and pay in equal […]

Kampala, Uganda: Different reports indicate that Africa’s population is evenly distributed on sex and gender lines. Country Meters puts it at 50 percent for both women and men respectively while a 2021 World Bank report for Sub-Saharan Africa puts it at 50.2 percent in favor of Women and 49.8 percent for Men. That said, there […]

Public transport operators in Uganda struggle to balance books because of the disorganization in this sector. There is no clear monitoring of either taxi conductors, bus, or train wardens. In the end, the business owners are affected by accountability issues which leads to losses in terms of ticketing collections. Even on the side of passengers, […]

In Uganda, the word survival makes a lot of meaning because many people live on a hand-to-mouth income cycle. So, every working day matters. If you don’t work, you don’t eat! The same applies to utilities. It is very common to find households paying daily electricity bills or weekly pay-tv subscriptions. So, the cost of […]

In March 2020, Uganda was placed under a total lockdown following the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19. Only essential workers such as security personnel, market vendors, and construction workers were allowed to continue working. One such essential worker was Sarah Naluwagga Lubambula, a vendor at Kalerwe Market in Kampala. But Naluwagga says despite this allowance, […]

Antenatal care is one service pregnant women struggle to seek. Many expectant mothers actually wait to first get a pregnancy complication to go for antenatal monitoring. They just hate the inconvenience of visiting the hospital every now and then. But what if this service was digitized? When Divinah Twinomujuni was pregnant last year, she went […]

With the world swiftly shifting into cashless economies, one of the areas of concern is digital trading and investment. Many people are still sceptical of digital phenomena such as cryptocurrencies and even Mobile Money. Other people are out there with lots of money and ready to invest it digitally but lack the know-how. With these […]

Vincent Kizito is living with his grandmother in Kabanyi village of Luwero district. The only property they own is a huge piece of land that is lying idle because they lack the resource to develop it. But about a year ago, Kizito heard his friends talking about AgriShare APP, an online platform that can help […]

The global migration from paper work to digital systems over the past two decades has received both support and resistance almost in equal measure. The critics have fronted the jobs worry of replacing humans with machines in the employment world while the proponents cite efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. All said and done, digital migration has […]