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With years of experience in the boda boda business, Francis Edyel says that refuelling is one of the most painful things to a rider. On a given bad day, he would usually struggle to juggle between paying the bike owner, leaving some money at home for his family, and refuelling his motorcycle to start the […]

It is no secret that more than half of Africa’s adult population lacks a bank account or even a mobile money profile. This means a huge block of the African population is totally excluded, with no financial identity at all. As a result, Africa is predominantly a cash economy where transactions are peer-to-peer. This has […]

Alvin Sam Otto is the coordinator Oyam District Farmers Association. Charged with over 200 farmer groups with a membership of thousands of farmers spread across 64 parishes, Otto’s biggest challenge is about keeping tabs on the needs of every farmer. Some want extension services; some want farm inputs while others want market opportunities. Otto would […]

One of the rarest commodities in the world of digital business is called trust. Everyone is afraid of another either because of past experiences with fraud or stories regarding the same. When it comes to the car business, the odds of getting exactly what you ordered online are very minimal, especially in Africa. It is […]

The life of a migrant is very complicated. Most migrants rely on the mercy of others for survival. When it comes to financial services, migrants are some of the most underserved communities because of their lack of documentation. With this in mind, a Ugandan financial services company called Cytrone Limited came up with a digital […]

Almost every day, there is a concert, show, or festival happening somewhere in Uganda. The majority of the partygoers mention access to tickets as a major pain point for attending these shows. For others, it is fraud involved in ticket printing. Many at a time you go to an event only to be told that […]

If you have ever taken a boda boda ride, then you certainly know the inconvenience that comes with finding change in case you have a denomination higher than the agreed fare. Even Boda Boda riders and cab drivers agree that it is one of their worst nightmares, especially if riding at night. “We often take […]

Lining up in a bank to pay school fees is one disturbance no parent wants to endure because they are already stressed by the hustle of raising money. Therefore, many parents are happy with the emerging innovations that facilitate the payment of school dues using digital platforms. One such parent is Kenneth Nabaasa, a businessman […]

Right in the middle of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Justine Namubiru was minding her business in Kawanda when some gentleman approached her and her colleagues and asked them if they were willing to join Buganda Kingdom’s Buladde Financial Services. “We were told that Buladde would help us in saving and acquiring loans to develop our […]

In 2020, members of SAO Zirobwe Sacco in Luweero district were introduced to something ‘alien’. They were told that there was an electronic platform for them to deposit, save, withdraw or get a loan digitally. They just needed to download an Application on their phone or dial a given USSD number and start transacting. “Sincerely […]