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All a customer needs are effective solutions that address his or her needs. Be it shopping, money transfers, entertainment or health services among others, end-users are always looking out for efficient services. While there are several service providers, all promising effectiveness and efficiency, many fall short, leaving customers displeased. To mitigate this, innovators continue to […]

The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that Universal health coverage can only be achieved when there is affordable access to safe, effective and quality medicines and health products. Countries face a range of obstacles to achieving this, including rising prices for new medicines, shortages and stockouts of essential medicines, especially for non-communicable diseases, and the […]

STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics have since time immemorial been at the forefront of global transformation, with most innovations rotating around it. But, learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics is an expensive venture, requiring lots of time and resources. With this in mind, innovators are looking for smart and better ways of democratizing […]

Imagine you are in the middle of cooking your favorite meal and all of a sudden, everything stops due to an empty gas cylinder. To those who cook frequently, these are things that can happen now and then. Now imagine that as soon as you find out that your gas cylinder is almost getting empty, […]

At the start of every school term, there are always long queues of students and parents in financial institutions; some withdrawing money and others depositing the same as school fees. This is a time-consuming and risky exercise dreaded by most stakeholders. But financial technology is reducing most of this hustle with innovators developing and launching […]

Weddings in Africa are major social events. Families and friends plan for months on how to give a befitting ceremony to those intending to wed and the hundreds of guests that will bear them witness. These elaborate plans involve lots of funds; a fact that makes wedding contributions and pledges a key element of these […]

In an unexpected turn of events during the festive season, President Yoweri Museveni and the First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, faced a health challenge that has become all too familiar in recent times. After a family lunch on Christmas day, Janet Kataaha began experiencing a throat sensation described as “kukarakaatwa” or a sandy feeling. Despite […]

The twenty-first century came with its unique disruptions, with technology taking centre stage. But the COVID-19 pandemic is to date the biggest unexpected occurrence. The effects of this pandemic will last for a very long. On one hand, COVID-19 negatively affected every aspect of life; deaths in millions, jobs lost in millions, and global stress […]

Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa is mainly dominated by Subsistence, Smallholder Farmers and Agro-Small and Medium Enterprises. These collectively contribute greatly to the continent’s Food Basket, enhance Food Security and also employ millions of people. That said, they face enormous challenges, many of which threaten their long-term survival.  Such challenges include limited resources, unpredictable seasons, poor […]

Health is the biggest wealth that any human being can have in their entire life. But access to quality health services is a huge challenge globally with most people in Africa and Asia unable to get dignified healthcare. But, some steps are being taken to address these glaring health services disparities. While governments, the private […]