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Bruno K Describes Naava Grey As ‘easy approachable person’.

Written by on May 27, 2021

By her character, many jump to conclusions saying that singer Naava Grey is not an easy person to approach for collaborations with. Whereas some think this of her, Naava attributes her character to a kind of setting she grew up in that saw her in gates oftentimes and could receive a thorough beating whenever she and her siblings were caught outside.

On a personal judgment, Naava is an introvert who the world has not got so much out of, like some other artists. Little is known of her other life and she also says she likes it that way. This makes some people think she is not approachable.

Differently though, to Bruno K, he views Naava as an easy person to approach and mix up with, depending. This maybe defends the fact that the two (Bruno K and Naava Grey) have a song together named ‘Aliwa’ which was released in April this year.

“Naava and I met sometime back and we became friends before we worked. I later on told her about working on a song together which she welcomed happily because she loves working with talented people, she is a very easy person. We came up with the song which Naava wrote,” Bruno said.

It is however common for people to misinterpret principles and values for show-off or pride.

Why they came up with a song of this ilk, Bruno says that it is leaned on the facts that they both sing love music and because everyone has love in their hearts.

The song was produced by Pirate beats, mixed and mastered by Annel Tunes and written by Naava Grey. Bruno also believes that this will be this year’s love anthem. Let’s watch the space.

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